A model for long carry distances and a high MOI.

Driver with an extreme flying distance performance

High Trajectory × Low Spin Rate × Easy-to-use head with priority given to carry distance
Shape The shape that makes it easy to hit the ball for the shallow center of gravity design with large-sized shallow back.
center of gravity Design Priority is given to carry distance with the shallow center of gravity.
Face The face uses rolled Ti5N titanium, which is a high-strength material and features rapid ball release.
Body:Lightweight 8-1-1 titanium
Face:5N titanium
Shallow center of gravity (8g weight)
Redistribution of weight from the thin crown
Large and shallow back shape head creates forgiveness
Head material / manufacturing process 811 titanium / Casting
Face material / manufacturing process Ti5N titanium / Rolled
Loft (deg.) 9.5 10.5
Lie angle (deg.) 59.0
Head volume (cm3) 460
Distance to center of gravity (mm) 41.0 41.5
Height to center of gravity (mm) 34.0 34.5
Depth to center of gravity (mm) 36.0 36.5
Angle to center of gravity (deg.) 21.0 20.0
Length (inches) 45.5
        R SR S X
Swing weight・
Gross weight (g)
VIZARD EX-A 55 D1・306 D2・309 D2・310 -
65 - D2・315 D2・316 D3・320
75 - - D2・323 D3・327
EX-C 55 D1・305 D2・308 D2・309 -
65 - D2・314 D2・315 D3・319
75 - - D2・321 D3・325
EX-Z 55 D1・306 D2・309 D2・310 -
65 - D2・315 D2・316 D3・320
75 - - D2・322 D3・326
Made in Japan


Name TW Rubber
Material Rubber
Weight (g) 49.5
Size M60