TEAM HONMA win 1st and 2nd place! Winner:Jong-Duck KIM

プロ情報 2011/08/24

TEAM HONMA win 1st and 2nd place! Great achievement at in PGA senior tour "Fancl classics".
Entering the first year of senior as a rookie,Kim accomplished the first victory! and Sato at joint 2nd place!TEAM HONMA win the 1st and the 2nd.

Honma Golf Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo Minato Ward Sanda 3-11-26 and the President and Representative Director: Koji Nishitani)product contract player Kim Jong-Duck started his first day from the top by scoring 63,Kim splendidly played with the wire-to-wire victory by scoring 68, 69, and he constantly marks all 60 scores afterwards. This victory is the first one as a senior rookie year for Kim.
In addition, our product use contracted player Sato marked 66 of eight birdie(6 of them in continuousness), the order was raised greatly from 10th place to joint 2nd place, and TEAM HONMA decorated splendidly as a result of monopolizing 1st and 2nd in this tournament.

【 Date of Birth 】 June 4, 1961
【 National origin 】 Korea Seoul
【 Height 】  175cm
【 Victory 】 Wins 4 title in the regular tour
Sato food NST Niigata Open (2004)
Daido Drink Shizuoka Open(1999)
Super Mario Yomiuri Open(1999)
Kirin Open(1997)

Total 200 (-16)
1R:63, 2R: 68, and FR:69
Wins with the tournament record.

Victory comment:
The final day was interrupted by the downpour. However, thanks to a good iron shot, I was able to catch the pin at a great position and it made possible to win the tournament easily.
Moreover, I wore a red cap to match with my red outfit which I don't put on usually but I got psyched up with it.
The aims of this year as a senior rookie is to accomplish the king senior prize, and also to challenge to enter the U.S. Champions Tour. Please continue your favors toward assistance.

Wins 2nd place: Gouhei Sato
Though Sato was defeated at the opening game's playoff, he continuously wins the 2nd place in the row.

「To decrease the load of the back pain, I switched the steel shaft to ARMRQ shaft. In a result I was able to swing easily!!

I believe the "Third time is lucky"and try hard in the next tournament!
So that I can drink delicious sake as a celebratory drink.!! 」

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