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2018/11/30 Company Notice of change of Executive Officer PDF
2018/10/04 Tour Pro So-Yeon Ryu wins Japan Women’s Open Golf Championship! PDF
2018/08/10 Product HONMA BERES S/IS-06/U-06 Left-handed Model Debut! PDF
2018/06/25 Tour Pro So-Yeon Ryu wins Meijer LPGA Classic for Simply give!! PDF
2018/03/22 Product 『Be ZEAL 535』 Ladies model Debut! PDF
2018/03/16 Product「Be ZEAL 535 Ladies」Now page is available.
2018/02/13 Product「BERES E-06 / E Ladies」Now page is available.
2018/02/07 Product -BERES IS-06 Iron- Golf Digest -2018 HOT LIST- Awarded a Gold Medal! PDF
2018/01/23 Product HONMA 『BERES』 E-06 Series/U-06 Ladies Debut! PDF
2018/01/10 Product HONMA 『BERES』 S-06 series / U-06 Debut! PDF
2017/12/15 Product「BERES PP-201,202」Now page is available.
2017/12/12 Product「BERES S-06」Now page is available.
2017/12/05 Product 『TOUR WORLD TW-G1』『TOUR WORLD TW-G1x』Coming mid-December (Japanese market) PDF
2017/12/04 Product New BERES PP Putter Series Debuts PDF
2017/11/24 Product「Be ZEAL 535」Now page is available.
2017/11/15 Tour Pro Mami Fukuda first-wins the domestic ladies tour! & Shan-Shan Feng wins the USA ladies tour two consecutive victories! PDF
2017/11/15 Tour Pro Shan-Shan Feng Wins two straight victories at the TOTO JAPAN CLASSIC PDF
2017/11/06 Product Be ZEAL 535 helps average golfers improve scoring. PDF
2017/11/06 Tour Pro Kana Nagai wins Hisako Higuchi MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Ladies Golf Tournament PDF
2017/09/01 Product New 3-piece ball 『HONMA NX』 debuts! PDF
2017/08/30 Tour Pro Bo-Mee Lee wins CAT Ladies! PDF
2017/08/14 Tour Pro Haruka Morita Wins HOKKAIDO Meiji Cup PDF
2017/07/28 Product A new double-bend mallet added to our TOUR WORLD TW-PT series PDF
2017/07/04 Tour Pro So Yeon Ryu and Jung-Gon Hwang win tournaments in the United States and South Korea in the same week PDF
2017/06/26 Product「TOUR WORLD TW-U FORGED」Now page is available.
2017/06/20 Tour Pro Smile Queen Ha-Neul Kim Wins SUNTORY LADIES OPEN Golf Tournament PDF
2017/06/19 Product Tour-proven utility irons for serious golfers 『TOUR WORLD TW-U FORGED』 Debut PDF
2017/06/05 Tour Pro Shan-Shan Feng earns her first victory of the season at the LPGA Volvik Championship PDF
2017/05/15 Tour Pro Smile Queen Ha-Neul Kim Wins WORLD LADIES CHAMPIONSHIP SALONPAS CUP For Back-to-Back Victories! PDF
2017/05/08 Tour Pro Smile Queen Ha-Neul Kim Wins JLPGA’s CyberAgent Ladies Golf Tournament. PDF
2017/04/25 Product Golf Digest・Online Hotlist Japan 2017 TW737 Vs Irons awarded a gold medal in the Irons category! PDF
2017/04/25 Tour Pro Liang Wen Chong wins the Token Homemate Cup, season opener for the JGTO tour. PDF
2017/04/12 Company Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui Shop Notice PDF
2017/04/06 Tour Pro So Yeon Ryu wins the ANA Inspiration, the first LPGA Major championship of 2017 Her fourth career victory and second Major win! PDF
2017/02/27 Tour Pro The first victory this season! Ha Na Jang wins the ISPS Handa Women's Australian Open PDF
2017/02/20 Product Passion for a New Challenge. For those aiming to improve their scores. "Be ZEAL 525 Left-Handed model" Launches in March PDF
2017/02/13 Product TOUR WORLD TW737 Medals in Golf Digest USA’s 2017 Hot List PDF
2017/01/23 Product – 60th Anniversary Model – HONMA 60th Anniversary Model to debut in March! PDF
2016/12/20 Tour Pro Shan- Shan Feng wins the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters Tournament for the third consecutive time! PDF
2016/12/19 Tour Pro เฝิงซานซาน ชนะต่อเนื่อง 3 แมท ล่าสุดชนะการแข่งขัน Omega Dubai Ladies Masters! PDF
2016/12/07 Tour Pro "คิม ฮานึลคว้าแชมป์ริโก้คัพ" PDF
2016/12/05 Tour Pro Smile queen Ha-Neul Kim captures her second victory of the season and first major domestic championship PDF
2016/11/22 Tour Pro Bo-Mee Lee crowned 2016 JLPGA prize money queen! PDF
2016/11/22 Tour Pro  "อีโบมีทำรายได้สูงสุดด้วย 「TOUR WORLD×VIZARD」" PDF
2016/11/21 Tour Pro อีโบมีโปรฮอนม่า ชนะ Itoen Ladies Golf Tournament 2016 PDF
2016/11/21 Tour Pro Bo-Mee Lee wins her fifth tournament of the season and secures PDF
2016/11/17 Tour Pro Team Honma คว้าชัยต่อเนื่อง PDF
2016/11/14 Tour Pro Two champions were born from the TEAM HONMA! PDF
2016/11/10 Product「TOUR WORLD TW-WⅢ」Now page is available.
2016/11/10 Product「TOUR WORLD TW-WⅢ」Now page is available.
2016/11/10 Product NEW『TOUR WORLD TW-W』Debut! PDF
2016/11/10 Product TOUR WORLD TW-W มาถึงแล้ว PDF
2016/10/03 Product TW737 ใหม่ล่าสุดออกแล้ว PDF
2016/10/03 Product NEW 『TOUR WORLD TW737』 Debut! PDF
2016/09/20 Product TOUR WORLD TW-PT”ใหม่ PDF
2016/09/20 Product 『TOUR WORLD TW-PT』 Debut! PDF
2016/09/20 Product「TW-PT」Now page is available.
2016/08/30 Tour Pro Ritsuko Ryu wins her second tournament of the season! PDF
2016/08/29 Tour Pro Bo-Mee Lee earns her fourth victory of the season! PDF
2016/08/23 Tour Pro Ritsuko Ryu secures her first victory of the season for her fourth career victory on the tour! PDF
2016/08/15 Tour Pro Bo-Mee Lee won her third victory of the season. PDF
2016/08/10 Product สินค้าใหม่น่าลองD1 Golf Ball PDF
2016/07/26 ProductBig Muscle TW-BM วางตลาดแล้ว
2016/07/19 Tour Pro Hideto Tanihara won his first major title! PDF
2016/07/12 Tour Pro Hideto Tanihara won his first victory of the season for his twelfth career victory on the tour! PDF
2016/07/04 Tour Pro Participating in the Earth Mondahmin Cup 2016 as the defending champion, Bo-Mee Lee wins again. PDF
2016/06/27 Product「HONMA HP PUTTER」Now page is available.
2016/06/27 Product 『HONMA HP PUTTER』 Debut! PDF
2016/06/27 Product「HP-2000 」Now page is available.
2016/06/27 Product 15th July พัตเตอร์ HP-2000 ใหม่ล่าสุดจากฮอนม่า PDF
2016/06/17 Product「TOUR WORLD TW-BM 」Now page is available.
2016/06/17 Product 『TOUR WORLD TW-BM』 The Evolutionary muscle-back iron. PDF
2016/05/17 Tour Pro Shanshan Feng retains Ladies European Tour “BUICK CHAMPIONSHIP”by winning a playoff. PDF
2016/04/22 Product Be Zeal Ladies สำหรับท่านนักกอล์ฟหญิง PDF
2016/04/13 Product「Be ZEAL Ladies」 Now page is available.
2016/04/13 Product “Be ZEAL 525 Ladies”debut! PDF
2016/04/04 Tour Pro Ha-Nuel Kim earns her first victory of the season “AXA LADIES GOLF TOURNAMENT in MIYAZAKI” PDF
2016/03/22 Tour Pro Bo-Mee Lee earns her first victory of the season PDF
2016/03/17 Tour Pro Ha-Na Jang loses no time in winning her second championship on the LPGA Tour PDF
2016/03/04 Product「Be ZEAL」Now page is available.
2016/03/04 Product New brand “Be ZEAL” debut! PDF
2016/02/25 ProductBeZeal ไลน์ใหม่ สินค้าดีราคาน่าใช้
2016/02/19 Tour Pro Ha-Na Jang emerges victorious on the LPGA Tour PDF
2015/12/25 Product「BERES 05 SERIES」Now page is avaialble
2015/12/25 Product「BERES 05 SERIES」Now page is available.
2015/12/25 Product “BERES 05 SERIES” Brand New ทั้งชุด ดูรายละเอียดได้ที่ี่นี่ PDF
2015/12/25 Product HONMA BERES 05 series debut PDF
2015/12/21 Company Announcement of Resign and Newly Appointed President PDF
2015/12/15 Tour Pro Shan-Shan Feng wins her second tournament of the season on the Ladies European Tour! PDF
2015/12/07 Tour Pro Pro golfer Jung-Gon Hwang savors his first professional win as a member of the team PDF
2015/12/02 Tour Pro Bo Mee-Lee wins her seventh tournament of the season by coming out on top two weeks in a row! PDF
2015/11/30 Tour Pro Bo Mee-Lee achieves her long-cherished dream of becoming the prize-money queen with her sixth victory of the season! PDF
2015/11/19 Company ฮอนม่า กอล์ฟ เปิดพื้นที่ขายเพิ่มในห้างอีก 2 แห่ง PDF
2015/11/17 Product 「HZ-T1」Now page is available.
2015/11/13 Tour Pro Pro golfer Hideto Tanihara wins his first tournament as a member of TEAM HONMA for his eleventh victory on the tour! PDF
2015/10/16 Tour Pro Bo Mee-Lee attains her goal of winning five tournaments this season PDF
2015/10/13 Product HZ-T1 หน้าเด้งรุ่นใหม่ PDF
2015/10/05 Tour Pro Ha-Neul Kim wins her first tournament on the JLPGA Tour! PDF
2015/09/18 ProductTOUR WORLD Ball series completed.
2015/09/14 Tour Pro For the first time in the history of the JLPGA Tour, Bo Mee-Lee secures victories in two consecutive weeks. PDF
2015/09/07 Tour Pro Bo Mee-Lee dominates completely to earn her third victory of the season! PDF
2015/08/24 Product TOUR WORLD ball series expanded! PDF
2015/07/10 Company U.S. Branch to Open on July 15 PDF
2015/07/09 Tour Pro Pro-golfer Hiroshi Iwata earns a come-from-behind victory to top the JGTO money list! PDF
2015/07/03 Tour Pro Bo-Mee Lee wins her second tournament of the season PDF
2015/06/19 Product「G1X Series」Now page is available.
2015/06/15 Tour Pro Wen-Chong Liang wins a major championship by winning for the first time at a tournament on the Japan tour! PDF
2015/05/25 Product「TOUR WORLD TW-W」Now page is avaialble
2015/05/25 Tour Pro Bo-Mee Lee comes from behind to win a tournament for the second year in a row and earn her first victory of the season! PDF
2015/05/25 Product Debuting TOUR WORLD NEW TW-W ! PDF
2015/05/25 Product"TW-W" เวดจ์ใหม่จากซีรีย์ทัวร์เวิร์ล
2015/05/20 Tour Pro Shan-Shan Feng earns her first victory of the season at the Buick Championship on the Ladies European Tour! PDF
2015/04/28 Productรายละเอียด TW727
2015/04/03 Tour Pro Ritsuko Ryu dominates a playoff round and achieves a comeback victory for the first time in three years! PDF
2015/04/03 Product 『W106』 Debut! PDF
2015/04/01 Productเวจด์ใหม่จากฮอนม่า W106
2015/04/01 Product「BERES W106」Now page is avaialble
2015/03/23 Tour Pro So Yeon Ryu seizes the first victory of the new season World Ladies Championship In LETour & CLPGA Tour PDF
2015/03/19 Product"KIWAMI Ⅱ"Now page is available.
2015/02/20 Product「TOUR WORLD 727 SERIES」Now page is available.
2015/02/12 Product ใหม่ TW727 ออกวางจำหน่ายแล้ว PDF
2015/02/06 Event เชิญชมร้านฮอนม่าธนิยะโฉมใหม่ PDF
2015/02/05 Product「HT-02」Now page is available.
2015/01/19 Product「HT-02 SERIES」Now page is available.
2015/01/16 Product TOUR WORLD TW727 January 2, Friday, Debut! PDF
2014/12/22 Product สินค้าใหม่ HT-02 PDF
2014/12/16 Others Team HONMA member Koumei Oda becomes the Order of Merit leader on the Japan Golf Tour for the first time! PDF
2014/12/15 Tour Pro Shan-Shan Feng wins 2nd victory PDF
2014/12/12 Event ร้านธนิยะปรับโฉมจัด"Renovation Sale" PDF
2014/11/11 Tour Pro Yoon-Kyung Hea wins 2nd victory on 2014 KLPGA Tour PDF
2014/11/05 Product BERES Art Series 2014 PDF
2014/10/31 Tour Pro Komei Oda won the second victory this season PDF
2014/10/31 Tour Pro Feng Shanshan won her first title at LPGA PDF
2014/10/29 Product「BERES ART SERIES」Now page is available.
2014/10/06 Tour Pro Philip Golding claim his second European Senior Tour title!!
2014/09/18 Tour Pro Hiroshi Iwata won his first title at Fujisankei Classic Golf Tournament
2014/08/20 Tour Pro 「TEAM HONMA」Lee Bo-Mee won PDF
2014/07/30 Tour Pro 「TEAM HONMA」Lee Bo Mee Won PDF
2014/07/28 Product「HP PUTTER」Now page is available.
2014/07/28 Product HPพัตเตอร์ใหม่ล่าสุด7รุ่น PDF
2014/07/04 Product「HP PUTTER」Now page is available.
2014/06/04 Tour Pro TEAM HONMA Yoon-Kyung Heo won the first victory this season in E1 Charity Open in Korea. PDF
2014/06/04 Product 「BERES 03 lefty Series」Now page is available.
2014/06/02 Product BERES S-03 Lefty สำหรับคนถนัดซ้ายออกวางจำหน่ายแล้ว PDF
2014/06/02 Product 「BERES 03 Lefty」Now page is available.
2014/05/12 Product BALL TW-G1・G1x
2014/04/25 Product VIZARD TC DEBUT!
2014/04/01 Product NEW BALL「TW-G1・G1x」Now page is available.
2014/03/28 Product BERES รุ่นใหม่ล่าสุด ออกวางจำหน่ายแล้ว
2014/03/28 Product เปิดตัว HONMA BERES Seriesใหม่ PDF
2014/03/25 Product ลูกกอล์ฟคุณภาพใหม่ล่าสุดจากฮอนม่า “ลองตีดูแล้วจะติดใจ” PDF
2014/02/26 Product 「NEW 03-Series HONMA BERES」Now page is available.
2014/02/26 Product Releasing the New 03-Series HONMA BERES Clubs. PDF
2013/12/19 Company แจ้งวันหยุดปีใหม่ PDF
2013/11/26 Tour Pro Shan-Shan Feng won USLPGA Tour “CME Group Titleholders”
2013/11/25 Product 「AMAZING SPEC DRIVER and IRON」Now page is available.
2013/11/25 Product AMAZING SPEC ดร์เว่อร์และชุดเหล็ก รุ่นใหม่ล่าสุดออกวางตลาดแล้ว PDF
2013/11/21 Tour Pro Liang Wen Chong won ASIAN TOUR “Resorts World Manila Masters”
2013/11/12 Product 「AMAZING SPEC DRIVER and IRON」Now page is available.
2013/11/12 Product AMAZING SPEC DRIVER and IRON Debut. PDF
2013/10/29 Tour Pro Seung Hyun Lee won KLPGA Major Title
2013/10/09 Tour Pro โปรฯฮอนม่า ได้แชมป์อีก เฝิงซานซานคว้ารางวัลใน Reignwood LPGA Classic
2013/10/01 Product BERES KIWAMI Now page is avaialble.
2013/09/30 Tour Pro Oda Koumei ได้แชมป์ในการแข่งขัน ANA OPEN
2013/09/24 Tour Pro Koumei Oda won ANA Open with 【HONMA TOURWORLD × VIZARD】clubs
2013/09/19 Tour Pro Bo-Mee Lee คว้าถ้วยรางวัล Konica Minolta Cup ด้วย Honma Tour World + Vizard.
2013/09/17 Tour Pro Bo-Mee Lee Won Major Title with 『HONMA TOURWORLD×VIZARD』clubs.
2013/08/21 Product 「BERES PUTTER PP-101/PP-102」Now page is avaialble.
2013/08/05 Tour Pro Liang Wen Chong was named R&A Golf Ambassador PDF
2013/06/04 Tour Pro โปรคนใหม่ของฮอนม่า กอล์ฟ Feng Shan Shan
2013/05/20 Tour Pro Honma Has Contracted with Chinese Ladies Tour Player Feng Shanshan PDF
2013/05/09 Tour Pro Mi-Rim Lee also First Win of 2013 season playing TOUR WORLD clubs.
2013/04/23 Tour Pro Soo-Jin Yang First Win of 2013 Season with TOUR WORLD
2013/04/02 Product ชุดกอล์ฟLimited Editionฉลองครบรอบ55ปีออกวางจำหน่ายแล้ว
2013/03/18 Product TOUR WORLD × ARMRQ, VIZARD Announcing the arrival of a new brand!
2013/03/18 Product Announcing the arrival of a new brand! TOUR WORLD × ARMRQ, VIZARD DEBUT! PDF
2013/03/04 Tour Pro 8 stroke in front! Bernd Ritthammer, perfect win.
2013/01/31 Product 55th Anniversary Model」Now page is avaialble.(Smartphone) 
2012/12/17 Product 「55th Anniversary Model」Now page is avaialble.
2012/11/05 Tour Pro Cassandra Kirkland Victory in the "SANYA Ladies Open"
2012/11/05 Tour Pro SO YEON RYU Rookie of the Year honors-USLPGA PDF
2012/10/23 Product 「BERES W105C」Now page is avaialble.
2012/10/23 Product 『BERES W105C 』 Debut in October 23 PDF
2012/10/19 Event Honma Golf Fair
2012/10/15 Tour Pro Liang Wen Chong won “OneAsia Nanshan China Masters”
2012/09/10 Tour Pro So-Yeon Ryu TEAM HONMA Victory in the " Hanwha Finance Classic"
2012/08/13 Tour Pro Double victory So-Yeon Ryu, Char-Young Kim PDF
2012/07/31 Company Head Office moved to『Roppongi Hills Mori Tower』 PDF
2012/07/05 Company Siam Paragon Shop New Location
2012/06/15 Tour Pro Product Endorsement Agreement with Juvic Pagunsan PDF
2012/06/14 Product 「BERES BP PUTTER」Now page is avaialble.
2012/03/19 Product BERES NEW S sereis debut
2012/03/19 Product BERES NEW S Series Debut in April PDF
2012/01/19 Product "BERES Jr." newly launched!
2011/12/12 Product "Perfect Switch" new model newly launched!
2011/10/19 Tour Pro Saiki Fujita won “FUJITSU LADIES 2011”
2011/10/13 Tour Pro Jong-Duck KIM won “PGA Senior Championship KOJUN Cup 2011”
2011/09/20 Product 「Perfect Switch」Complete sets of wood variety Now Available PDF
2011/08/24 Tour Pro TEAM HONMA win 1st and 2nd place! Winner:Jong-Duck KIM
2011/08/18 Others 【Notice】System maintenance August 27 10:00PM to August 28 8:00AM.
2011/08/16 Product 「BERES BH Putter」Now page is avaialble.
2011/07/15 Product "BERES PRO" newly launched!
2011/07/12 Tour Pro -US Women’s Open 2011- Champion So Yeon Ryu
2011/06/01 Product HT-01G new model newly launched!
2011/06/01 Product Introduction Rain jacket
2011/04/25 Event HONMA Gallery opened in Soul Korea!
2011/03/31 Company HONMA GOLF’s Status to the Pacific Ocean Earthquake of the Tohoku Region PDF
2011/01/25 Product Announcement of 「HONMA BERES」new series PDF
2010/12/10 Product Complimentary exchange of defective “BERES MG700 1 star☆ Iron” golf club released in March 2010 PDF
2010/11/30 Product AMAZING SPEC Perfect Switch “Special site” newly launched!
2010/11/30 Product Announcement of a new product “Amazing Spec. Perfect Switch ” PDF
2010/06/24 Company Announcement of new management PDF
2010/02/23 Company Announcing a Capital Partnership Agreement
2010/02/01 Product BERES 7series new model newly launched!
2009/10/29 Product THE AMAZING SPEC. SERIES newly launched!
2009/10/23 Product BERES new model iron ML503S newly launched!
2009/10/02 Product Perfect Switch Putter has been awarded in GOLF EUROPE Product Award 2009
2009/09/11 Product 9/5sat. BERES 9,6,5series new model newly launched!
2009/04/24 Others Taipei Shop, 4/24 Grand Open
2009/04/02 Tour Pro Liang Wen Chong finishing 2nd place in a preliminary tournament of Asia, have acquire a ticket to BRITISH OPEN!
2008/10/31 Product BERES MG713,MG703 Lefty Model new newly launched!
2008/10/14 Tour Pro Liang Wen Chong won in Asian Tour 「Hero Honda Indian Open」
2008/10/07 Product BERES Utility new model newly launched!
2008/10/01 Product BERES Putter series new model newly launched!
2008/09/05 Product BERES 7series new model Iron newly launched!
2008/05/09 Others “LOEWE Golf Tour” BERES&LOEWE
2008/05/08 Others BERES ★★★★★ with Luxury car
2008/04/18 Product BERES 7series new model wood newly launched!
2008/03/13 Tour Pro Liang Wen Chong going to The Masters
2007/09/01 Others New official website just launched!
2007/05/10 Company Change of Directors PDF
2007/05/06 Tour Pro Mi Hyun Kim won LPGA SemGroup Championship
2007/02/02 Tour Pro Introducing our new contract USLPGA player!
2006/11/21 Company Honma Golf Co., Ltd. Announces Distributorship Agreement with Pan-West PDF
2006/09/07 Tour Pro Zhang Lian-Wei won in OMEGA CHINA Tour Shanghai Stage 2006!
2006/07/18 Tour Pro Mi Hyun Kim won in three-hole playoff !
2006/05/01 Tour Pro Mi-Hyun Kim winning the first Ginn Clubs & Resorts Open Championship at -12 !