HONMA—Passion for a New Challenge

Just one stroke less, just one yard farther.
Serious golfers are always looking for improvement,
and HONMA is responding to that passion by evolving ourselves further.

Offering the strength every Serious golfer will appreciate,
which are proven by the most Serious golfer: The Professional Tour players.

Sharing Development Technology:
We share the same expertise use in responding to diverse feedback from the pros,
to similar needs among passionate amateurs, generating a rich variety of development models.
Customize Production Capability:
We are capable of fully utilizing the skill of our craftsmen,
while responding to diverse needs and enabling rapid assembly of individual clubs.
Fitting Capability:
We can advise to match each club to the distinct characteristics of the individual golfer,
selecting the perfect THE ONE and ONLY club from among the many possibilities.

These three strengths work together to bring you an unparalleled level of satisfaction.
Keep your eyes on ever-evolving, and even more passionate HONMA.