We will release the first model of the Tour World putter series.

An aluminum sole, lightenes the central portion.
Two 14g tungsten weights in the sole with increased MOI. *Tungsten weight is not adjustable.
By a the request of Professional player Komei Oda(JGTO), a drilled hosel was engineered to make the toe side heavier and lighten the heel.This lowers the center of gravity and makes for a more stable stroke.

We will release the first model of the Tour World putter series.

TOUR WORLD has been chosen by tour pros who are the best at the sport.

TEAM HONMA and development supervisors exchange opinions frequently, and make it possible to create a club in response to their needs. At the moment, TW-PT putter is the result.

The first TOUR WORLD putter required approximately three years of research and development. It was completed by gathering professional requests in the same way as we did for the driver and irons..We were very particular extending over details, such as head stability, shape of the sole, overall material, color, design and aesthetics.

  • Mallet(Double-bend-Shaft)
  • Mallet(Center-Shaft)
  • Blade(Crank-Neck)
構えた時のすわり、ターゲットライン、ネック部、ソール形状、フェースアングル、幅、ソールMaterial 、重心、グリップ、色、総Weight

At first, the development does not advance, if we did not understand the request for a putter with good head stability which a professional much prefers.

We created a base for a stable sole and completion of a solid-looking model. Furthermore, using milled SUS303 stainless steel, created a solid feel for the TW-PT.

TW-PT Development adviser Mr.Hideto Tanihara (JGTO)

Development adviser
Mr.Hideto Tanihara (JGTO)

There are many tour pro using this putter at the professional level with great results.

TW Mallet Blade
Center-Shaft Double-bend-Shaft
Head Material Soft Stainless SUS303(body)+
Soft Stainless SUS303(body)+
manufacturing process Forged+CNC-milled(body)
Plating Matt black
Shaft Steel
Lie angle (deg.) 70 72 71
Loft (deg.) 2.5
Length (inches) 34
Total Weight (g) 535 530
Made in Japan


Color Black(Logo color:White)
Material Rubber
Weight (g) 65