TOUR WORLD NEW TW-W ウェッジ:The mild steel forged wedge which meets the professional golfers strict demands. TOUR WORLD TW727 × VIZARD


Line up for loft / bounce which fulfills every style of enthusiastic players.

Loft・Bounce Line UP 50° 52° 56°- 08° 56°- 12° 58°- 08° 58°- 12° 60°

Our iron clubs will not be defeated!
Excellent compatibility of wedge, debut with shafts which are specially designed, the "VIZARD IB W".


In order to meet the demands of professional golfer Hideto Tanihara, who indicated that he wanted us to produce a shaft that would allow him to hit balls on a low trajectory and feel as if the ball were riding on the face of the head, we modified the VIZARD IB, a weighted carbon shaft for irons, into a shaft designed especially for wedge clubs.
By increasing the stiffness of the tip and moderating the stiffness of the grip, balls can be hit with power, the loft at impact operates in accordance with the standing direction of the golfer, and exceptional spin performance is rendered.

Hideto Tanihara's comment I have repeatedly tested this shaft since last year and can definitely say with pleasure that a shaft has been produced to my satisfaction. It feels as if the ball is riding on the face of the head. And with a low trajectory, the ball spins incredibly well. I intend to use both the AW and SW options on the tour this season.

Focus on the Face(50°、52°)

  • Allowing the line from the edge to the toe to fall off slightly reinforces the sense that the ball won't draw left.
  • A sharper line around the neck and a raised toe area gives a sense of driving through the ball.

  • Based on demands made by professional golfers, we narrowed the neck and enlarged the toe to render sharpness while showcasing a head that is larger than its predecessor. The consistency in the transition from the TW727 short irons is also superb, such that players should be able to swing the club with the exact same feel regardless of the shot they choose to play.

Focus on Smooth Impact

  • 50°and 52°soles offer appropriate bounce angle,while the rounded shape won't easily dig in.
  • C shape grind sole of 56°58°and 60°provides.Smooth Impact through any type of lie and make it possible to achives spin on the ball.

TW-W adapts the shape and specification which pro player Tanihara uses. The moderately goose shape, matched the same design with the irons.
In response, the head shape consists of a goose-neck style with an emphasis on consistency.
This helps in transition from the long irons to the wedges, to create the same feel, regardless of the club selected.
The head has been made slightly larger as part of our focus on offering a face form and contour curves that allow the player to address the ball with confidence.


The 50° / 52° heads provide a straight leading edge inspired by the TW727 iron series that enables the player to aim dead-center at the pin.
The 56° / 58° / 60° heads aid in ability to comfortably flight the ball with minimum effort.
The 56° / 58° heads feature two bounce angles to provide players an unlimited variety of possible shot making.

Featuring a desired finish to the face.

As with the TW727 iron, the TW-W is a forged mild steel club.
The face has been CNC milled with a complete flat surface for consistency in contact and enhance the spin performance. The needs of professional golfers are met both in terms of form and function.


The grooves and toe area has a bead blast finish to impart a visual sense and create a more abrasive surface so a larger portion of the face can be used during impact. In this case, we aimed to produce proper technique on the part of players input.
Players should also be able to concentrate more effectively thanks to a finish that prevents glare. This is a wedge that allows professional and better amateur players to demonstrate their various shot techniques to their fullest skill level.

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Head material/manufacturing process FE/Forged
Face material/manufacturing process Backface:Half mirror +Mirror Finish/Face:Blast Finish
Dynamic Gold
Length(inches) VIZARD IB W 35.125
Dynamic Gold 35.0
Loft(deg.) 50.0 52.0 56.0 56.0 58.0 58.0 60.0
Lie angle(deg.) 63.5
Bounce(deg.) 9.0 8.0 12.0 8.0 12.0 8.0
Face progression(mm) 5
Distance to center of gravity(mm) 34.0 35.0
Height to center of gravity(mm) 22.0 23.0 23.5
Swing weight・
Gross weight(g)
VIZARD IB 95W D1・444 D2・446
R400 D2・469 D3・471
Made in Japan

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  • IB W
  • Dynamic Gold


Material Carbon + Amorphous matal fiber
Kick-point High
Bat diameter(mm) 15.3
Tip diameter(mm) 9.3
Weight(g) VIZARD IB 95W 90.0
Torque(°) 2.5
Frequency(cpm) 377
※Date refers to the shaft only.
※For VIZARD IB85W and IB105W, available upon special order.

Dynamic Gold

Material Steel
Kick-point High
Butt diameter(mm) 14.7
Tip diameter(mm) 9.0
Gross weight (g) R400 129
※Data is a maker official announcement value.

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Name TW Rubber M60R
Material Rubber
Gross weight(g) 49.0
Size M60

Dynamic Gold

Name TW Rubber M58R
Material Rubber
Shaft Dynamic Gold
Gross weight(g) 51.0
Size M58

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