Distance increase effect of sole slots 【SPLIT GROOVE AREA】

Spring structure of slots on the center, toe and heel 【SPLIT GROOVE AREA】 helps deliver the maximum repulsion effect off the clubface at impact, helping golfers with slower clubhead speeds achieve longer carry distance.

E-06 fairway
Slot shape maximizes repulsion effect

Confidence and low center of gravity with shallow clubhead

Low center of gravity combined with a large projected area on a shallower clubhead design, provides golfers with the added confidence at address to hit the ball higher, leading to better shots and lower scores.

E-06 fairway

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Head material / Manufacturing process SUS630 / Casting
Face material / Manufacturing process High-strength custom steel / Rolled
Shaft ARMRQ X 43
# (No.) 3W 5W 7W
Length (inches) 43.0 42.5 42.0
Loft (deg.) 16 19 22
Head volume (cm3) 178 167 159
Lie angle (deg.) 60.0 60.5 61.0
Distance to Center of Gravity (mm) 32.5 32.0 31.5
Height to Center of Gravity (mm) 25.0 25.5 26.0
Effective hitting area (mm) 10.0 9.0 8.5
Depth to Center of Gravity (mm) 35.0 34.5 34.0
Gravity Angle (deg.) 29.0 27.0 26.0
Swing weight・
Gross weight (g)
ARMRQ X 43 R C7・286 C7・290 C7・294
S C8・289 C8・293 C8・297
Data refers to the 2S grade
Made in Japan
2S 3S 4S
Please check difference of shaft grade

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ARMRQ X 43(Standard feature)

Material Carbon + ten-axisUD
Kick-point Low
Flex R,S
Tip diameter (mm) 8.6
Butt diameter (mm) R 15.1
S 15.2
# (No.) 3W 5W 7W
Gross weight (g) R 43.5 43.0 42.5
S 45.0 44.5 44.0
Torque (deg.) R 5.55 5.55 5.55
S 5.50 5.50 5.50
Frequency (cpm) R 219 224 229
S 227 232 237
Data refers to the 2S grade/shaft only

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Name BERES RubberⅢ N36 Gold
Material Rubber
Shaft ARMRQ X 43
Gross weight (g) 36.5
Size 60
Data refers to the 2S grade

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