Liang Wen Chong won ASIAN TOUR “Resorts World Manila Masters”

プロ情報 2013/11/21

ASIAN TOUR “Resorts World Manila Masters” was held on November 14th to 17th in Philippine. TEAM HONMA player Liang Wen Chong got his first victory in this season.

On the last day, every player had a chance to win the game, but I concentrated and trusted my play. And then, I changed my shirt to red and motivated myself. I had many experience of playoff game, so I had confidence to win the game.
I was very impressed that even though the devastating Typhoon, the Philippine tournament organization operated very smooth and been a great support for us.
I’m very happy to win the ASIAN TOUR.
This time I want to do something for people who suffering from the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, so I would like to donate 50% of my prize to support the relief efforts. I hope people would be restored to their former state as soon as possible.

【Club Setting】
FW:TW717 15def
UT:TW717-U 21deg
Iron:BERES PROⅡ#4~#10 
Wedge: W-103 & W-105P

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