Koumei Oda won ANA Open with 【HONMA TOURWORLD × VIZARD】clubs

プロ情報 2013/09/24

Koumei Oda won ANA Open with 【HONMA TOURWORLD × VIZARD】clubs

“ANA OPEN Golf Tournament” was held on September 19th to 22th. TEAM HONMA player Koumei Oda got his first victory in this season after joining TEAM HONMA.

Starting from this year I made contract with HONMA Golf. At first I was afraid that everyone thought I could not win because I have changed my clubs from this year. However, HONMA Golf has been a huge support to me, so I'd like to repay HONMA for all the help they have been giving me. That’s why I am very happy to win this tournament. This week they brought me a new prototype driver. The change of subjects feeling was so good. I’m happy that it led to good result.

My goal this year is to finish in the Top 100 in the World Ranking and play in a world major tournament.
Thank you for lots of support and cheering for me.

【Club Setting】
1W:TW 717 430 9.5°VIZARD TA65
FW:TW 717 3W/5W VIZARD TA65/70
UT:TW-U #3/#4   MODUS3
Iron:TW 717M #5~#10 DG TOUR ISSUE

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