Soo-Jin Yang First Win of 2013 Season with TOUR WORLD

プロ情報 2013/04/23

Korean Ladies Professional Tour (KLPGA) 「Nexen Saint-Nine Masters 2013」held on April 19th to 21st, Soo-Jin Yan won first victory in this season.
She came from behind to win total 4 under and no bogey.

She used 「TOUR WORLD」which was launched this year and got 2013 first victory.

Date of birth:1991.8.9
Birthplace:Seoul, Korea

1W : TW717-455 9.5°TA55 S
3W : TW717 - FW  15°      TZ55 R
UT : TW-U (Unreleased model)
Iron  : TW717-V  #4-10       NS950 R

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